Turri NYC has now opened its new showroom at 139 Fulton St. Suite 136 in dowtown Manhattan. We represent the Italian furniture company Turri S.r.l. from Milano, Italy. Since 1925, Turri has specialised in creating luxury furniture and integrated interior design solutions.



We proudly represent the fourth generation of a family who have enthusiasticaly devoted their lives to interior decoration. Since 1925, when the first products left the workshop of Pietro Turri, Turri's furniture has cosistently been recognised for its superior quality. Three words continue to express the Turri philosophy: original, authentic, unique.


Our contemporary collections have been built with uncompromising Italian taste in design and have been setting trends in the interior design market for over 90 years. 

Our classical collections showcase our expertise in traditional furniture making techniques and our emphasis on the luxuriousness of our materials and finishes.